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Is the ECB doing QE?

By Charles Wyplosz

The ECB announced that it would begin buying securities backed by bank lending to households and firms. The markets and the media generally greeted this announcement with enthusiasm, but Charles Wyplosz, Professor of International Economics, identifies reasons for caution.


Tackling Food and Fuel Subsidies

By Jeffrey Frankel

Subsidies for food and energy are economically inefficient, but can often be politically popular. Jeffrey Frankel, Harpel Professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government discusses the efforts by ...

China and Latin America – Shock and Ore

By David Hill

China has become Latin America’s third biggest source of foreign investment as a mining boom unleashes a new wave of infrastructure funding explains David Hill in China Dialogue.

Investing for Europe’s Future

By Mateusz Szczurek

Polish Finance Minister Mateusz Szczurek is calling for an EU-wide public investment programme of 5.5% of GDP to overcome Europe’s ‘secular stagnation’. He calculates that €700bn of capital expenditure could ...

Brazil: Marina Silva’s chance

By Arthur Ituassu

A charismatic environmentalist is now leading Brazil's presidential race. Can she win and create the new politics she promises? There are worries about her messianic character, her links to ...

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Encounter at the crossroads of Europe

By Will Stone

Stefan Zweig was one of the most famous writers of the 1920s and 30s. Will Stone explores the importance of the Austrian’s early friendship with the oft overlooked Belgian poet ...



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German Brazilians in Southern Brazil

German immigration to Rio Grande do Sul is celebrating its 190th anniversary this summer. Despite the ban on German schools ...

Travel Writing

Travels Through Rural China

Returning to China after several years absence, Olga Jazzarelli describes the dramatic changes in China's social, cultural and physical landscapes ...

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