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Israel’s Spinning Moral Compass

By Daniel Levy

Apparent wall-to-wall consensus in favour of the Gaza offensive among the Israeli public masks a deep internal moral malaise and an erosion of democratic checks and balances explains Daniel Levy, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at the European Council on Foreign Relations


China tests its neighbours’ patience

By Isabel Hilton

China’s rapid growth is placing increasing demands on natural resources in the region but Beijing’s political rise is encouraging the dictatorship to flex its muscles.

Why the UK has no foreign policy

By Kirsty Hughes

In the absence of any political lead either from their UK masters or their indirect US ones, the UK's foreign office diplomats are left with little direction to exercise real ...

‘Caviar diplomacy’ hides human rights abuse in Azerbaijan

By Dominika Bychawska-Siniarska - Adam Bodnar

In Azerbaijan, prominent human rights defenders are being arrested; and NGOs raided. ‘Caviar diplomacy’ covers it all up.

The 100 Years War and the Making of Modern Europe

By David Green

English and French nationalism were forged through centuries of bitter military rivalry that carved out a new European, and ultimately global, order.

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Encounter at the crossroads of Europe

By Will Stone

Stefan Zweig was one of the most famous writers of the 1920s and 30s. Will Stone explores the importance of the Austrian’s early friendship with the oft overlooked Belgian poet ...



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German Brazilians in Southern Brazil

German immigration to Rio Grande do Sul is celebrating its 190th anniversary this summer. Despite the ban on German schools ...

Travel Writing

Travels Through Rural China

Returning to China after several years absence, Olga Jazzarelli describes the dramatic changes in China's social, cultural and physical landscapes ...

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