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The Divestment Dividend

By Emily Schwartz Greco

Given the financial rewards investors can reap for getting out of fossil fuels, the real question isn’t whether divestment is risky. It’s why anyone would willingly pollute their portfolio regardless of where they stand on climate change.


An assessment of the state of the world economy

By Olivier Blanchard

The IMF’s Chief Economist describes the complex forces that are shaping macroeconomic evolutions around the world and provides an overview of the state of the world economy.

Review: Gazdanov’s ‘The Spectre of Alexander Wolf’

By Lev Myshkin

Pushkin Press has published a priceless gem by the Russian emigré writer Gaito Gazdanov whose own life was about as exciting as this high octane novella. Highly recommended.

Murder in Lombard St: The Commercial War of 1379

By Amedeo Feniello

"There will be fight without quarter and no compromise toward any threat to London's market supremacy, including even assassination if need be".

The coming defaults of Greece

By Charles Wyplosz

It seems that there will be no agreement between Greece and its Eurozone partners. Short of cash, the Greek government will have no choice but to suspend payment of its ...

Arts & Culture

Mike Leigh: My Turner, Cinematic Painter

By Alessandra Quattrocchi

In "Mr Turner" Mike Leigh draws the impassioned portrait of the last 25 years in the life of William Turner, English master of painting (1775-1851).

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art



Travel Writing

The White Temple of Chiang Rai

The artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has dedicated himself to creating an offering to Lord Buddha, in the Thai City of Chiang ...

Travel Writing

​Verdun, France and Europe

'During the time that the battle of Verdun raged, the dead from both sides equalled almost the entire losses ...

Political Tours

Political Tours