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Medical marijuana offers great promise but age old challenges

By Gabriel Didham

Like many, North Macedonia has enthusiastically embraced the potential of medical marijuana. In only three years, it has licenced 29 growers and processors. However, the failure of a planned law change highlights the issues facing the industry. A weak banking sector and over-indebted companies means its processing sector struggles to meet export standards. The new law would have allowed the export of dried cannabis flower buds and by-passed these problems but at the expense of the domestic industry.


Denial of Authenticity – Lessons from coaching those who have to lie

By Giulio Franzinetti

Those who work in sales are constantly pressured to create and project an image that does not correspond to their...


By Hugh Miles

Likely date, religious, social and business implications. there is always uncertainty and frequently disagreement. This year a Moroccan astronomer has forecast that Ramadan will probably begin on Tuesday 7 ...

Gold as Monetary Arbiter – Modern Monetary History

By Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor looks at the evolving role of gold and how central banks have (mostly) learned that in the absence of the discipline of gold, their principal job is to ...

My Father, Ezra Pound

By Alessandra Quattrocchi

An interview with Mary de Rachewiltz, daughter of Ezra Pound, from her retreat in the Italian Tyrol. "My father always managed to be on the wrong side"

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In the Medina

By Geoffrey Heptonstall

Green is the colour of Islam, presumably because it is emblematic of paradise. Fertility in a climate of extreme heat...

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Travels Through Rural China

Returning to China after several years absence, Olga Jazzarelli describes the dramatic changes in China's social, cultural and physical landscapes ...

Travel Writing

Mud Brick Architecture of Yemen

Yemen has a unique architectural heritage. ...