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The “Heraldo de Madrid” Returns

By Allston Mitchell

When army divisions led by General Franco took Madrid on 28 March 1939, one of their first acts was to send a group of Falangist militiamen to seize the offices of the Heraldo de Madrid by force of arms. 75 years on, a commemorative issue has been printed, underscoring the fragile state of Spain’s news media.


An Unlikely Lunch: When Maupassant met Swinburne

By Julian Barnes

A young de Maupassant was invited to lunch at the holiday cottage of Swinburne. The encounter included: a flayed human hand, pornography, monkey meat, and inordinate amounts of alcohol.

A geopolitical chess game in Crimea

By Vlad Chorazy

The “onboarding” of Crimea exacerbates Russia’s political and economic vulnerability. However, costs will be high for all parties, as they will have to adapt to new geopolitical realities that will ...

Venezuela: taking the counter- out of revolution

By Ivan Briscoe

Venezuela is politically polarised and so is much of the coverage of it. But just as the violence is now kaleidoscopic the international response must become more complex.

Big Brother is cashing in on you

By Caroline Baylon

The internet’s cookie monsters are harvesting your secrets. A £90 billion industry is going unregulated and unchecked, gathering seemingly unrelated information for trade and profit. Data brokers buy information ...

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The Subaltern Can Speak

By L K Sharma

The Jaipur Literature Festival has not just grown; it has evolved into an Indian show. The global meets local will be one way of describing this transformation. The literature in ...



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Tiger, tiger … nowhere in sight

The Chitwan National Park in Nepal is famous for its Royal Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinoceros, but the wonderful creature ...

Travel Writing

Frigate Island – My Island

“When I went to my island I did so from a purely necessary point of view to buy a coconut ...

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