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Whose revolution?

By Maged Mandour

The Egyptian mass protests can only be classified as a reform movement that had hoped to create a liberal order. A modest goal that has degenerated into a full-spectrum military autocracy. The reforms envisioned were very narrow in nature and did not constitute what could be considered drastic political change.


America’s Outdated Relationship with Saudi Arabia

By Ryan Suto

The next U.S. president will have an unprecedented opportunity to put some distance between Washington and Riyadh.

Unsafe Turkey, unsafe Europe

By Sergio Carrera - Aikaterini Drakopoulou

We need to look at the profound political, legal and ethical costs of reducing refugee flows. The EU-Turkey Statement shows how the political shenanigans indulged in by some EU institutions ...

Mosul, the next target

By Paul Rogers

The complex military operation to seize Iraq's second city from ISIS's grip is a microcosm of the long war. Wise observers, though, should wait at least six months and quite ...

The Mariinsky Ballet

By Valentina Bonelli

Valentina Bonelli looks at the history of the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company from its glorious beginnings under the creative direction of Marius Petipa and the patronage of the Tsars through ...

Arts & Culture

Lorca: 80 Years in a Mass Grave

By Allston Mitchell

Along with Cervantes, poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca is one of Spain's most revered literary figures. However since his assassination by Fascist forces his body still lies undiscovered in ...

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art



Travel Writing

Istanbul: The City of Four Seasons

"Istanbul is a city defined by water because its parts are separated by water. But the Bosporus is not merely ...

Travel Writing

Sailing the Southern Hemisphere

Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, our expedition took us from the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) to the spectacular land ...

Political Tours

Political Tours