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Beijing life in a shipping container

By Shi Jian

On the outskirts of Beijing, a gardener has built a home out of shipping containers in the hope of creating a green community. It consists of a single-storey arrangement of six 20-foot shipping containers. A 600 watt solar panel hangs on one wall and 300 watt wind turbine spins on the roof.


Yemen: descent into anarchy

By Aaron Edwards

With the resignation of its president and prime minister, Yemen lacks the capacity to steer its political transition towards the goal of greater stability. The alternative, however, does not bear ...

Argentina in shock

By Fabian Bosoer and Federico Finchelstein

A mysterious death in Buenos Aires raises questions about the true sources of power inside Argentina's state. Once again, global geopolitics and local gangsterism are mixed in Argentina. Nisman’s ...

State of the Empire in 2015

By Peter Certo

Before Obama's State of the Union address falls out of the news cycle, here are the foreign policy tidbits you need to remember. A summary of the speech from Peter ...

The ECB’s QE decision

By Marco Annunziata

The ECB has just launched full-fledged quantitative easing but the ECB’s watershed decision highlights both the strengths and the vulnerabilities of the Eurozone. The limited-risk-sharing provision flags the need for ...

Arts & Culture

Schönberg and Stravinsky

By Enzo Restagno

Enzo Restagno, author of "Schönberg e Stravinskij. Storia di un'amicizia mancata" reunites the couple in order to reinterpret Schönberg and Stravinsky from a new perspective, restoring them to their personal ...



The Browser

The Browser



Travel Writing

​Verdun, France and Europe

'During the time that the battle of Verdun raged, the dead from both sides equalled almost the entire losses ...

Travel Writing

German Brazilians in Southern Brazil

German immigration to Rio Grande do Sul is celebrating its 190th anniversary this summer. Despite the ban on German schools ...

Political Tours

Political Tours