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John Berger, witness to the human condition

By Anthony Barnett

He sought to protect and if necessary salvage humanity from the inhumanity of consumer capitalism. This gives all his work the quality of defiant resistance in the face of likely defeat.


The top rich in Europe since 1300

By Guido Alfani

Recent research into the share of wealth owned by the richest households has given us important insights into trends in inequality. We can now estimate the share of wealth owned ...

Brexit and the banks

By Barbara Casu Lukac

Several cities are vying to replace London as Europe's financial capital post-Brexit. What will make banks leave, and what will make banks stay? A commentary by the Professor of Banking ...

How Central Banks Set Interest Rates

By Richard Barwell

It is generally assumed that central bankers often argue over the appropriate conduct of monetary policy. Focusing on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, there is no evidence that ...

Ukraine’s corrupt counter-revolution

By Sergii Leshchenko

In Ukraine, revolution and reform has given way to reaction, with vested interests entrenching themselves even further.

Arts & Culture

The Mariinsky Ballet

By Valentina Bonelli

Valentina Bonelli looks at the history of the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company from its glorious beginnings under the creative direction of Marius Petipa and the patronage of the Tsars through ...

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art



Travel Writing

Across the Namibian Desert

Accompanying us each day was the sun's flaming orb, rising each morning and setting each night - an unvarying ball ...

Travel Writing

Istanbul: The City of Four Seasons

"Istanbul is a city defined by water because its parts are separated by water. But the Bosporus is not merely ...

Political Tours

Political Tours