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“Syria Burning” by Charles Glass

By Bendicò

A timely and eminently understandable guide to what is happening to Syria by Charles Glass who brings decades of front-line expertise to the problem. Using reportage, analysis and history he offers a well-informed and amazingly concise analysis of the war.


China’s growth prospects

By Robert Barro

China’s diminished growth prospects are in the news and seem to spell bad news for just about everybody. Robert Barro, Professor of Economics at Harvard University assesses the evidence, arguing ...

Writers get bouquets, not brickbats

By L K Sharma

The business model of the Jaipur Literature Festival will be studied as a case study, the two writer-directors having successfully yoked together the rival Hindu Goddesses of wealth and wisdom. ...

Putin’s Patriarch

By Astrit Dakli

The Orthodox Church is filling a political void left by the collapse of the party system in Russia. Kirill I, the Patriarch of Moscow, is forging stronger links with the ...

RIP Astrit Dakli

By Allston Mitchell

We have lost a dear friend, Astrit Dakli, who has died in Rome. He will be sorely missed. We were fortunate enough to have him as a contributor ...

Arts & Culture

Book Review: Sasha Sokolov’s ‘A School for Fools’

By Josephine von Zitzewitz

A Soviet underground classic is back in print. In a "School for Fools", fighting conformity requires confronting the Soviet system—and our inner demons.

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art



Travel Writing

A Taste of Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery

Californian Artist, Irene Dogmatic is blown away by her first visit to the Tretyakov Gallery in the Russian capital. Here ...

Travel Writing

The White Temple of Chiang Rai

The artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has dedicated himself to creating an offering to Lord Buddha, in the Thai City of Chiang ...

Political Tours

Political Tours