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About Shakespeare

By Geoffrey Heptonstall

Shakespeare discovered the secret of language. He had the advantage of living at a moment in history when a new language was coming into being. Modern English was emerging in common speech as a language of exceptional flexibility.


Creativity and freedom

By Michel Serafinelli, Guido Tabellini

Innovation is often concentrated in certain geographic areas, or ‘creative clusters’. Data on famous births reveals the dynamics of creativity in European cities between the 11th and 19th centuries.

Yemen: 2017 in review

By Afrah Nasser

2017 has been a year of utter despair in light of countless human rights atrocities committed on multi-fronts. Both key international allies to Saudi Arabia; the US and the UK ...

The Tunisian revolution seven years on

By Lakhdar Ghettas

Seven years after the Tunisian revolution one can dissect four main conflict issues in Tunisia today.

Tree of the Wooden Clogs

By Robert Arnold

Robert Arnold looks back at Italian director Ermanno Olmi's masterpiece "The Tree of Wooden Clogs" (L'Albero degli Zoccoli), winner of 14 awards including the Palme d'Or for Best film at ...

Arts & Culture

A 17th Century battle of wits. Libertines v Jesuits

By Edward Muir

Gabriel Naudé, the French free-thinker and Cardinal Mazarin’s librarian, famously claimed that seventeenth-century Italy was “full of libertines, atheists, and people who believe in nothing.

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art



Travel Writing

Across the Namibian Desert

Accompanying us each day was the sun's flaming orb, rising each morning and setting each night - an unvarying ball ...

Travel Writing

Istanbul: The City of Four Seasons

"Istanbul is a city defined by water because its parts are separated by water. But the Bosporus is not merely ...

Political Tours

Political Tours