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The Big Chill: Tensions in the Arctic

By Conn Hallinan

As the climate warms and the ice melts, the Arctic could become the next great theater of global cooperation—or a battlefield that holds 13% of the world’s oil reserves and 30% of its natural gas.


A world without alternatives

By Zygmunt Bauman

Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Universities of Leeds and Warsaw explans the consequences of the steady dismantling of the institutions intended to defend the victims of an increasingly ...

Palestinian options at the UN and the ICC

By Victor Kattan

At last, it appears that the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) 138-9 majority vote in November 2012 to accord Palestine observer state status might finally be bearing fruit.

​Verdun, France and Europe

By Edward Chisholm

'During the time that the battle of Verdun raged, the dead from both sides equalled almost the entire losses suffered by the British Empire during the Second World War. ...

A rule in the guise of democracy

By Rudolf Ungváry

The present Hungarian system is the product of an extreme-right revolt against democracy but instead of playing itself out in the customary "revolutionary uprising" mode, it blends into the political ...

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The Lost World of the London Coffee House

By Dr Matthew Green

In contrast to today’s rather mundane spawn of coffeehouse chains, the London of the 17th and 18th century was home to an eclectic and thriving coffee drinking scene.



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Travel Writing

German Brazilians in Southern Brazil

German immigration to Rio Grande do Sul is celebrating its 190th anniversary this summer. Despite the ban on German schools ...

Travel Writing

Travels Through Rural China

Returning to China after several years absence, Olga Jazzarelli describes the dramatic changes in China's social, cultural and physical landscapes ...

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Political Tours