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Nanjing Disappearing

By Anthony Head

Japan is still performing its historical conjuring tricks, attempting to influence popular perceptions of history – particularly relating to Japanese wartime atrocities – through educational policy and fllms showing Japan as the victim.


Iraq’s Phantom Army

By Paul Rogers

Islamic State's takeover of Ramadi and advance on Palmyra show that the options facing Washington in Iraq-Syria are ever narrowing. Professor Rogers outlines three unpalatable choices facing the Obama Administration.

Yemen at war

By Aaron Edwards

"In the short term, Saudi Arabia is unlikely to back off until the threat posed by the Houthis to Yemen’s stability—to say nothing of Iranian meddling—is rebutted." An update from ...

Nicaragua Canal: the environmental costs are huge

By Chris Kraul

A Chinese-funded US$50 billion inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua is an environmental disaster in the making, conservationists warn.

The Divestment Dividend

By Emily Schwartz Greco

Given the financial rewards investors can reap for getting out of fossil fuels, the real question isn’t whether divestment is risky. It’s why anyone would willingly pollute their portfolio regardless ...

Arts & Culture

Review: Gazdanov’s ‘The Spectre of Alexander Wolf’

By Lev Myshkin

Pushkin Press has published a priceless gem by the Russian emigré writer Gaito Gazdanov whose own life was about as exciting as this high octane novella. Highly recommended.

The Desert of Forbidden Art

The Desert of Forbidden Art



Travel Writing

The White Temple of Chiang Rai

The artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has dedicated himself to creating an offering to Lord Buddha, in the Thai City of Chiang ...

Travel Writing

​Verdun, France and Europe

'During the time that the battle of Verdun raged, the dead from both sides equalled almost the entire losses ...

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Political Tours