Giorgio Cafiero


Can Mali Reunite?

Al-Qaeda’s power has waned in Mali, but unresolved ethnic conflicts still threaten the country after 16 months of civil war, a military coup, and French military intervention. Now that Mali has held its first election, the prospects for peaceful reunification are on the minds of many. It may not be too late for Mali’s newly elected leaders to convince the Tuaregs that it is in their interest to disarm and partake in the reunification of Mali.

The Somaliazation of Syria

Fundamental questions about Syria’s future divide Assad’s enemies. Disagreements over the role of Islam in governance, ethnic tensions between Arabs and Kurds, dialogue with the regime, and the role of foreign governments have stymied any attempt at creating a unified opposition.

China’s Sudan Challenge

Can China manage an effective partnership with both Sudans? Sudan’s 2011 partition has presented China with a new set of challenges. Beijing will be challenged to advance its interests in the Sudans while upholding its foreign policy principle of non-intervention in other states’ affairs.

Dreams and Dilemmas of Iraqi Kurdistan

The Kurds are perfectly placed to take advantage of the dissolution of the once great Arab states, Iraq and Syria and the dream of a Kurdish state looks closer to becoming a reality.

Hamas in the New Middle East

As Hamas’s break with its longtime patron Bashar al-Assad illustrates, the Palestinian Islamist group is adapting to the new Middle East. The group is realigning its relations with Iran, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Qatar.

Hezbollah Hedges Its Bets on Assad

Hezbollah will not disappear even if the Assad regime does. Nonetheless, if the Ba’athist order in Syria falls, Hezbollah will be compelled to operate in a more challenging environment, both domestically and regionally.

Can Egypt Chart Its Own Course?

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has proved willing to act independently of Washington. He visited China, and Iran before the United States, deployed soldiers in the Sinai and has forced the retirement of high ranking members of the military but he’s not about to leave the fold.

S. Arabia and Qatar: Dueling Monarchies

The two countries have long been distrustful of one another particularly now as both countries try to advance their own interests in an unstable region. Qatar is supporting revolution abroad while Saudi Arabia is anchoring down the authoritarian regional order.