China must step up on climate leadership

By Joanna Lewis - Li Shuo

Where has the Trump administration left the US-China bilateral cooperation agenda?


The truth about London’s killer fog

By Peter Thorsheim

The 1952 fog killed thousands but catalysed action to clean up London’s dirty air, writes Professor Peter Thorsheim, the author of “Inventing Pollution: Coal, Smoke, and Culture in Britain since 1800”.

Australia stalling on Great Barrier Reef protection

By Jon C Day, Alana Grech, Jon Brodie

The world’s most iconic reef needs far more help than Australia claims in its latest report to UNESCO.

Trump Can’t Hold Back the Tide of Climate Action

By Oscar Reyes

Climate activists remain hopeful despite the potentially disastrous Trump administration.

Nordic Nations are Leading on Climate Action

By Justin Gerdes

Every country on Earth must choose clean energy and quit carbon if the world is to reach zero net carbon emissions by the end of this century, as outlined in the Paris Agreement.

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