Transition to clean technology

By D. Acemoglu, U. Akcigit, D. Hanley, W. Kerr

It wasn’t long ago – just last year, in fact – that a German car executive described Tesla Motors as “a joke that can’t be taken seriously compared to the great car companies of Germany”


Natural Rights in the Age of Domination

By Carlos Cuellar Brown

How was it that we came to view planetary resources as ours to conquer and mine? Who gave us the right to exploit and consume everything that has been put before us?

The climate change cause is not lost

By Prem Shankar Jha

The world needs a concerted effort to subsidise innovative technologies, writes. “Contrary to world-wide belief, technologies that can reduce carbon emissions not only exist but are close to being profitable for investors, even during the current slump in global coal, oil and gas prices.”

Thoreau and I

By Wei An

An essay from the late poet and environmentalist Wei An on a connection with the 19th Century writer spanning epochs and cultures. The essence of Thoreau is not in the initiation of a “return to nature,” but instead in his respect for “man’s perfection.”

Nuclear waste: Planning for the next million years

By Ruby Russell

On the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, there is still no consensus on what to do about nuclear waste.

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