The new spring of A.I.

By Jacques Bughin, Eric Hazan

Artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s, and has gone through many cycles of hype and ‘winters’. Based on a survey of senior executives from over 3,000 companies in ten countries, this column describes how artificial intelligence is experiencing a new spring and is here to stay.


Dubai and Gwadar: economic war in the Gulf of Oman

By Tariq al-Shammari

The expansion of Gwadar port in Pakistan is a game-changing venture that would reformulate the economic agenda of the entire region.

Historical roots of China’s industrial revolution

By Peter Lavelle

The coal-fired machines and visions of industrialised landscapes by Qing reformers were harbingers of things to come, writes Peter Lavelle

Japan’s ‘glass ceiling’ and ‘sticky floor’

By Hiromi Hara

Although the gender wage gap in Japan has been decreasing over the last 15 years, it remains large. Both the ‘glass ceiling’ and the ‘sticky floor’ exist in the Japanese labour market.

The Spike in Killings of Mexican Journalists

By Giulia McDonnell Nieto Del Rio

Mexico is the third deadliest place in the world to do journalism — and the U.S. is making things worse.

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