Manipulation and lies threaten media and politicians

By Francis Ghilès

If America under Trump begins to look like the old Middle East and Russia, the risks of a crisis getting out of hand are huge.


Geronimo: The Warrior

By Edward Rielly

In 1906 Geronimo published his autobiography recounting the fascinating story of his life, from his years as a resistance fighter, to his capture and subsequent period of celebrity in which he appeared at the 1904 St Louis World Fair and met President Roosevelt.

Zhou Youguang, the real hero of modern China

By Kerry Brown

The architect of China’s literacy revolution maintained an open-minded curiosity well into his second century.

John Berger, witness to the human condition

By Anthony Barnett

He sought to protect and if necessary salvage humanity from the inhumanity of consumer capitalism. This gives all his work the quality of defiant resistance in the face of likely defeat.

The top rich in Europe since 1300

By Guido Alfani

Recent research into the share of wealth owned by the richest households has given us important insights into trends in inequality. We can now estimate the share of wealth owned by the richest households in Europe, since 1300. The only significant declines in inequality were the result of the Black Death and the World Wars.

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