Denial of Authenticity – Lessons from coaching those who have to lie

By Giulio Franzinetti

Those who work in sales are constantly pressured to create and project an image that does not correspond to their reality. Perhaps among the most problematic situations involve people resigned to maintaining a sometimes hypocritical and often false communication. They may come to hate what they have to do day after day. A manager who […]



By Hugh Miles

Likely date, religious, social and business implications. there is always uncertainty and frequently disagreement. This year a Moroccan astronomer has forecast that Ramadan will probably begin on Tuesday 7 May, but the National Astronomy and Geophysics Institute of Egypt has forecast Monday 6 May, probably the starting date for Saudi Arabia and the UAE also.

My Father, Ezra Pound

By Alessandra Quattrocchi

An interview with Mary de Rachewiltz, daughter of Ezra Pound, from her retreat in the Italian Tyrol. “My father always managed to be on the wrong side”

Putin’s Patriarch

By Astrit Dakli

The Orthodox Church is filling a political void left by the collapse of the party system in Russia. Kirill I, the Patriarch of Moscow, is forging stronger links with the Kremlin, attacking what he ominously describes as “anti-Russian” behaviour, including homosexual propaganda, the all-female pop group “Pussy Riot” and even more bizarrely the works of Lenin.

Mud Brick Architecture of Yemen

By Howard Meadowcroft

Yemen has a unique architectural heritage.
The master builders and craftsmen have learnt how to build to suit geography, location, the climate and available materials.