Creativity and freedom

By Michel Serafinelli, Guido Tabellini

Innovation is often concentrated in certain geographic areas, or ‘creative clusters’. Data on famous births reveals the dynamics of creativity in European cities between the 11th and 19th centuries.


Reminiscences of a Trainee Tea Buyer

By Colin Conor

A look back at a bygone era, when the drinking of tea involved ceremony and respect for the plant. Colin Conor recalls his life as a trainee tea buyer in London and offers an almost foolproof method for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Big media and big money in 2017

By Des Freedman

From Disney/Murdoch to Net Neutrality. This week’s events have shown that the new digital media landscape is every bit as monopolistic as the old one. And what’s Murdoch up to now?

The web began dying in 2014

By André Staltz

It may seem as though nothing has changed on the web – but since 2014, Google and Facebook hace acquired direct influence over more than 70% of internet traffic. They’re not stopping there.

How did 1917 change the west?

By Sam Greene

The Director of the Russia Institute at King’s College London looks back at the significance of Russia’s 1917 revolution. “Failed utopias lead to the death of idealism, and the likes of Putin and Trump are symbols of this process”.

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