England is Anxious

By Tarek Osman

Rather than comfort ourselves with nostalgia for monarchy, empire, church, and the ‘special relationship’, it’s time to embrace confusion – and optimism? – about what ‘England’ could mean in the modern world.


Sex and Charity

By Rafael Vilasanjuan

Regarding the massive scandal involving chief executives of big NGOs, the situation must be considered through the lens of how we have dealt with sexual abuse. But we must be wary of how this is used to justify budget cuts.

At the roots of the nationalism of the rich

By Emmanuel Dalle Mulle

If we take the cases of Catalonia, Flanders and northern Italy, the formation of the nationalism of the rich generally coincided with periods of prolonged fiscal strain.

Statues are not safe in India

By L K Sharma

One cynic says that after every election, the new Government can spend its first year in uninstalling the statutes erected by the previous regime. One commentator is sure that streets named after Lenin will now be renamed to glorify some Hindu nationalist leader!

New York empties its jails

By Andrew Purcell

A huge achievement that could even signify the beginning of a more rational, humane approach to American criminal justice: how was it done?

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