Why Turkification will never work

By Umut Ozkirimli

It is clear that a country as heteregenous and vibrant as Turkey cannot be held together by an autocrat who relies on a slim majority, no matter how fragmented the opposition is.


French tragedy or farce: Part 1

By Philippe Marlière

Why Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s late surge? Are we about to see de Gaulle’s fifth republic replaced by a sixth? And in 2017, what does a Citizens’ Revolution look like?

Why is she “frit”?

By Anthony Barnett

What is the British prime minister afraid of? She is no longer a woman of her word, but a woman running scared, knowing she will have to compromise, afraid of the insane hard-liners in her own back-benches who have never trusted a remainer like her anyway, wanting to ‘be in control’ over the whole Brexit negotiation, including its compromises, and running for presidential authority over it.

Brexit: yes, you will suffer as well

By Jan Zielonka

Bankrupt regions, impoverished hospitals, overcrowded prisons: Brexit will affect everybody in Europe. And yet nobody is taking responsibility for the mess explains Jan Zielonka, Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford.

The war in Yemen: two years old and maturing?

By Helen Lackner

The United Nations has stated that, of the four famines predicted for 2017, Yemen is the worst, with seven million people close to starvation and a further ten million in urgent need.

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