Sisi’s Coronation and the Egyptian Opposition

By Maged Mandour

In an attempt to centralize power, the regime is in the process of creating one unified enemy, an alliance between the disgruntled security and civilian elites as well as the opposition.


Lula da Silva as a nightmare

By Jaime Amparo Alves

The main threat to democracy in Brazil is posed by part of the judiciary; a dangerous, well-born, conservative class of mostly white men. And Lula da Silva is their worst nightmare

Yemen: 2017 in review

By Afrah Nasser

2017 has been a year of utter despair in light of countless human rights atrocities committed on multi-fronts. Both key international allies to Saudi Arabia; the US and the UK have found Yemen’s war to be a lucrative business, profiting massively from the financial rewards of their arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The Tunisian revolution seven years on

By Lakhdar Ghettas

Seven years after the Tunisian revolution one can dissect four main conflict issues in Tunisia today.

Catalonia’s December 21 elections

By Patrice de Beer

It is time for the Spanish establishment to realise that their country, like any other democracy, can’t be maintained harmoniously only by threatening the use of force and prison sentences.

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