Is the US heading towards Fascism?

By Joost Douma

Joost Douma looks at recent political events in the United States and grapples with the question of whether Fascism will take hold or if we will witness a breakdown in government and the rule of law.


Brazil’s Political Carnival

By Eduarda Fontes

In the midst of the country’s haunting political crisis, more than ever before Carnival in Brazil has become an occasion for criticism, parody and political caricature.

The Syrian Kurds at a crossroad

By Alan Hasan

The sharp regional and international alignments that have currently gripped the Middle East in general, and Syria in particular, have put the Syrian Kurds at a crossroads.

Sisi’s Coronation and the Egyptian Opposition

By Maged Mandour

In an attempt to centralize power, the regime is in the process of creating one unified enemy, an alliance between the disgruntled security and civilian elites as well as the opposition.

Lula da Silva as a nightmare

By Jaime Amparo Alves

The main threat to democracy in Brazil is posed by part of the judiciary; a dangerous, well-born, conservative class of mostly white men. And Lula da Silva is their worst nightmare

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