Starvation and Cholera in Yemen

By Adil E. Shamoo

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. The war is taking Yemen back to the dark ages. It is an immoral war, and it is a humanitarian disaster. The United States cannot and should not participate in such a slaughter.


100 years after Balfour

By Peter Oborne

The reality which still shames Israel. Two very different parts of Palestine highlight the injustice still inflicted on Arabs by Israel. The former chief political commentator of the Telegraph looks back at the historic declaration.

Global politics at a crossroads

By David Held

The retreat to nationalism and militant identity politics is counter to the process of accommodation that has underpinned world peace since the end of the Second World War explains David Held, professor of politics and international relations at Durham University.

Babiš’ Czech Republic: too thin a gruel?

By Michal Simecka

There is always a chance that, owing to unforeseen domestic or external dynamics, the Czech Republic may yet slide into illiberal isolation. But it will be not be by design.

Catalonia: now what?

By Patrice de Beer

The time has come for Europe to make its voice heard, after Madrid’s brutal repression and failure to listen to many of its own people. “Rajoy has shown himself unable to foresee the crisis which has been brewing ever since the Constitutional Tribunal invalidated the “Estatut” in 2010.”

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