Catalonia: now what?

By Patrice de Beer

The time has come for Europe to make its voice heard, after Madrid’s brutal repression and failure to listen to many of its own people. “Rajoy has shown himself unable to foresee the crisis which has been brewing ever since the Constitutional Tribunal invalidated the “Estatut” in 2010.”


Erdoğan: prophetic leader or political suicide?

By Daniel Petcu

If Erdoğan persists in his callous quest, it will only be a matter of time before he succumbs to increasing economic pressure that will threaten to leave the country destitute.

Arms bazaar: needs wars, eats lives

By Paul Rogers

A world of conflict and fear means boom time for big military companies. Wars and rumours of wars require constant supplies, and this is where that perennial of human activity, the arms bazaar, comes in.

Victory at last

By Tom Engelhardt

In America’s wars, failure is the new success. Three generals stand alone, except for President Trump’s own family members, at the pinnacle of power in Washington. Our losing wars, it seems, are a necessary backdrop for the ultimate winning war in our nation’s capital.

Yemen: a tragic tale of humanitarian hypocrisy

By Anastasia Kyriacou

Humanitarian crises around the world will fail to be resolved if the providers of aid are also the perpetrators of the conflict.

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