Palestine: Imperial failures and their consequences

By Yair Svorai

The Nakba, central to Palestinian nationhood as much as the Holocaust is for Jews and slavery is for African-Americans, is the living reminder of the profound injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians.


Iran’s precision engineered elections

By Potkin Azarmehr

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s engineering of its so-called elections starts from the very day the Guardian Council announces the short list of candidates.

Something’s rotten in the United Kingdom

By Nick Clegg

Our political system is ailing: a Brexit revolution showed how susceptible it is to elite takeover, how it is designed to ignore the hopes of the young and how it fails to offer genuine political options.

Old country, young president

By Patrice de Beer

The French have used their democracy to give this young man in an old country a chance to experiment with a new type of politics. But have we tried everything?

Autocrats Have an Ally in Trump

By Phyllis Bennis

In Saudi Arabia, the president ratcheted up his anti-Iran alliance with Arab dictators. Ironically, Trump is ratcheting up his anti-Iran alliance with Arab autocrats precisely as the Iranian people are sending much more conciliatory signals.

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