Hyper-political anti-politics

By Andries du Toit

Are we standing on the brink of a new kind of nihilistic governmentality, where politics is turned into perpetual theatre, disconnected from any kind of coherent government programming?


Brazil in the labyrinth

By Juliano Fiori

As Brazilian politics increasingly escape rational explanation, both the left and and the right get lost in the labyrinth of history.

Behind The Saudi-Qatari spat

By Ebrahim Deen and Na’eem Jeenah

The sanctions on Qatar aim to force the government of Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to alter its foreign policy – particularly regarding its warming relations with Iran.

Macron and absolute responsibility

By Patrice de Beer

If there were one word to characterise these elections, it was crafted by Melenchon and is “dégagisme”, or cleaning-out.

The Coming Conflict with Iran

By John Feffer

Behind all of Trump’s boneheaded policies in the Middle East is an unmistakable urge for confrontation with Iran. The nuclear deal that Iran signed with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany and the European Union is hanging by a thread.

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