Brazil’s locomotive has stopped

By Nicola Bilotta

Oil production has been crucial in fostering not only economic but social growth in Brazil, but now the country is gripped by economic crisis and political instability.


Ukraine’s corrupt counter-revolution

By Sergii Leshchenko

In Ukraine, revolution and reform has given way to reaction, with vested interests entrenching themselves even further.

Catalonia revisited: farewell to great expectations?

By Patrice de Beer

History has shown that the fight of even a united people for independence is often a hard and protracted struggle.

Another arrested revolution in the East

By L K Sharma

Donald Trump ought to thank Modi for showing the way to electoral success. More and more leaders are convinced that perpetual confrontation pays in politics.

Italy: the next domino to fall

By Michele Monni

In less than two weeks, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi might become the next victim of the current anti-establishment global trend, as Italians vote on a controversial referendum seen as a plebiscite on Renzi himself.

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