Across the Namibian Desert

By Olga Iazzarelli

Accompanying us each day was the sun’s flaming orb, rising each morning and setting each night – an unvarying ball of fire burnishing the red sandy deserts of Namibia.


Istanbul: The City of Four Seasons

By Geoffrey Heptonstall

“Istanbul is a city defined by water because its parts are separated by water. But the Bosporus is not merely a channel: it is a border between continents. If you cross to the Asian side you will not find, as visitors have been known to anticipate, signs of an Asiatic culture. “

Sailing the Southern Hemisphere

By Bettina Elten

Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, our expedition took us from the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) to the spectacular land and seascapes of Tierra del Fuego.

A Taste of Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery

By Irene Dogmatic

Californian Artist, Irene Dogmatic is blown away by her first visit to the Tretyakov Gallery in the Russian capital. Here she takes us through her personal favourites.

The White Temple of Chiang Rai

By Irene Dogmatic

The artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has dedicated himself to creating an offering to Lord Buddha, in the Thai City of Chiang Rai. “My impression upon seeing it was that it looks like a Buddhist Temple designed by Salvador Dali with the help of Rob Zombie and perhaps Walt Disney as well.”

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