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Turkey’s Elections

By Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere in Politics, May 1, 2018

On 24 June, both presidential and parliamentary elections will take place in Turkey. With less than two months to go, the country is in campaign mood. The discussions range from the candidates, the election alliances, strategies and agendas, as if Turkey were still a country with fair elections.

Relaunching French –a very messy business

By Alessio Colonnelli in Arts and Culture, April 28, 2018

By 2050, Africa will be home to 85% of all French-speakers. Consider: more people speak French in Kinshasa, Congo’s capital city, than in Paris.

Who is the winner in post-ISIS Syria?

By Seyed Ali Alavi in Politics,

ISIS may have been defeated, but the battle for Syria’s political soul is far from over.

The Queen rules the Commonwealth!

By L K Sharma in Features, April 26, 2018

Many epithets have been used to run down the Commonwealth. The London summit may even be called the Commonwealth Games II…

Russia haunts the western imagination

By Ivan Krastev in Politics,

The dividing line between authoritarian Russia and liberal democracies is growing ever thinner.

The Aral Sea Disaster

By Liu Zichao in Environment,

Liu Zichao visits the lunar landscapes of Uzbekistan and realises the terrifying power of environmental disaster.

Marx and modern microeconomics

By Samuel Bowles in Economics and Finance,

Few economists doubt that Marx flunked economics, a judgement mostly based on his labour theory of value. But Marx’s representation of the power relationship between capital and labour in the firm is an essential insight for understanding and improving modern capitalism.

Is the US heading towards Fascism?

By Joost Douma in Politics, April 6, 2018

Joost Douma looks at recent political events in the United States and grapples with the question of whether Fascism will take hold or if we will witness a breakdown in government and the rule of law.

England is Anxious

By Tarek Osman in Features, March 15, 2018

Rather than comfort ourselves with nostalgia for monarchy, empire, church, and the ‘special relationship’, it’s time to embrace confusion – and optimism? – about what ‘England’ could mean in the modern world.

Sex and Charity

By Rafael Vilasanjuan in Features,

Regarding the massive scandal involving chief executives of big NGOs, the situation must be considered through the lens of how we have dealt with sexual abuse. But we must be wary of how this is used to justify budget cuts.