Ludovico Pisani


Tiberius and his Villa at Sperlonga


Tiberius, the reluctant emperor, who ruled the Roman Empire from 14 AD to 37 AD, made his summer residence in Sperlonga south of Rome. Archaeologists have found a series of sculptures in the villa’s grotto that reveal a taste for Hellenic art and the adventures of Homeric hero Odysseus.

The Pirate Ching Shih


Ching Shih, the greatest and most successful pirate that ever lived was a woman who began life as a prostitute in Canton and ended up commanding a fleet of 60,000 pirates, ending her life in genteel retirement, phenomenally rich, running a gambling hall and brothel.

The Ajanta Cave Paintings

Arts and Culture

The paintings and rock sculptures in the Ajanta caves, a Buddhist monastic complex in the Maharashta state of India, are a testimony to the golden age of Buddhism in India and a unique artistic achievement.

Lake Nemi: Diana’s Sacred Grove

Travel Writing

The remains of Ancient Rome’s most mysterious and violent cult, dedicated to the goddess Diana, can still be found on the shores of Lake Nemi, near Rome. Archaeologist Ludovico Pisani guides us through the legends surrounding the “Rex Nemorensis”, the high priest who was obliged to murder his predecessor.

Sex and Myth in Ancient Rome


An entertaining and informative look at the background to the myth of Romulus and Remus, with flying phalluses appearing from chimneys and sexuality in the Roman Empire; the innumerable brothels and the Roman obsession with subjugation – of all kinds.