The World’s Best Travel Book

By Allston Mitchell

“The Way of the World” is a 1950s travelogue of a trip that Nicolas Bouvier and Thierry Vernet took from Geneva to the Khyber Pass in their faithful FIAT Topolino. Bouvier’s account is now famous amongst travel literature lovers and is generally considered to be the best travel book ever written.


In the Medina

By Geoffrey Heptonstall

Green is the colour of Islam, presumably because it is emblematic of paradise. Fertility in a climate of extreme heat and vast deserts cannot be taken for granted. It may seem to a believer God-given, a blessing. The surprise is how green much of Morocco seems. Even in the intense heat of Africa, there are […]

Travels Through Rural China

By Olga Iazzarelli

Returning to China after several years absence, Olga Jazzarelli describes the dramatic changes in China’s social, cultural and physical landscapes as she tours the Shanxi and Sichuan provinces.

Mud Brick Architecture of Yemen

By Howard Meadowcroft

Yemen has a unique architectural heritage.
The master builders and craftsmen have learnt how to build to suit geography, location, the climate and available materials.

Across the Namibian Desert

By Olga Iazzarelli

Accompanying us each day was the sun’s flaming orb, rising each morning and setting each night – an unvarying ball of fire burnishing the red sandy deserts of Namibia.