Plastics are making our oceans sick

By Olivia Boyd

Filmmaker Jo Ruxton talks about why she left the BBC to tell a more honest story about our seas. Once you get into your head that plastic’s not disposable, there are so many changes you can make.


The Neymar Bubble

By Eran Yashiv

The €222 million transfer of Neymar to PSG calls into question whether football superstars are a good investment. Using the financial details of the transfer, at the price paid, Neymar has a negative net present value. While there are other explanations for PSG’s willingness to pay, in purely economic terms his contract seems a bad investment.

Mosul and Aleppo, a reshaping war

By Paul Rogers

The intense aerial assaults in Iraq and Syria are being seized as an opportunity by forces, both ISIS and other jihadi, on the receiving end.

Writing from Diyarbakır under blockade

By Nurcan Baysal

While writing this article, currently without access to the world, I can’t help but wonder how you will read it.

IMF confesses it immolated Greece on behalf of the Eurogroup

By Yanis Varoufakis

The former Greek finance minister on the IMF.