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Lorca: 80 Years in a Mass Grave

By Allston Mitchell in Arts and Culture, September 2, 2016

Along with Cervantes, poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca is one of Spain’s most revered literary figures. However since his assassination by Fascist forces his body still lies undiscovered in a mass grave near Granada.

Europe needs its own Alexander Hamilton

By Sylvester Eijffinger in Economics and Finance,

The ECB is under fire for its inability to stimulate Europe’s economies. It needs an informal European ‘praesidium’ within the Eurogroup to coordinate wider stimulus and reforms.

The oil market in the aftermath of the price slump

By Rabah Arezki in Economics and Finance, August 18, 2016

Rabah Arezki, Chief of Commodities in the IMF Research Department on the dramatic and largely unexpected collapse in oil prices sparking debate over the causes and consequences.

Ireland and Brexit

By Patrick Honohan, John FitzGerald in Politics, August 12, 2016

As the Irish economy is deeply integrated with the UK’s economy, Brexit poses especially severe challenges for Ireland. A UK withdrawal from the Single Market would raise questions relating to trade ‘re-diversion’, foreign direct investment, the Irish peace agreement, and assured access to British natural gas supplies.

Burhan Sönmez’s “Istanbul Istanbul”

By Bobbie Letterman in Arts and Culture, August 9, 2016

Review of a recently translated novel by celebrated Turkish author Burhan Sönmez. While unmistakeably political in nature, the individual stories eventually merge into a love poem to the city of Istanbul.

IMF confesses it immolated Greece on behalf of the Eurogroup

By Yanis Varoufakis in Features, August 8, 2016

The former Greek finance minister on the IMF.

“Memories from Moscow to the Black Sea” by Teffi

By Allston Mitchell in Arts and Culture, August 3, 2016

The writer and satirist “Teffi” was a literary sensation in Russia until war and revolution forced her to leave Russia for ever.

Politics of fear in South Sudan

By Daniel Akech Thiong in Politics, August 1, 2016

This is a country where a considerable number of citizens are crammed into UN protection camps out of fear of their own government.

Migration – follow the money

By Mark Akkerman in Features,

The EU must acknowledge its part in fuelling the drivers of migration and work to stop them, including the establishment of an embargo on arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa.

A Preview of The Coming War on China

By Maki Sunagawa - Daniel Broudy in Features,

Noted journalist John Pilger talks about China, Okinawa, and U.S. policy in Asia. “The Coming War on China” is his 60th film.