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Papa Wemba of the Sapeurs

By Tom Salter in Arts and Culture, May 7, 2016

Papa Wemba, star of the third generation of post-1945 Congolese musicians, has died. He exemplified Congo’s cultural knack of creating distinctive, non-western ways of defining modernity.

Investors to step up scrutiny of utilities on climate change

By Stephanie Pfeifer in Environment, May 6, 2016

Chief Executive of The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change suggests that Investors are likely to take utilities to task if they fail to disclose climate risks.

The Old Oil Order Is Collapsing

By Michael Klare in Economics and Finance,

If even Saudi Arabia is ready to move away from its reliance on petroleum, we’re indeed entering a new world — one in which the titans of oil production will no longer hold sway over our lives.

Rethinking the ‘war on drugs

By Ernesto Zedillo in Features,

The former President of Mexico on how Illegal drugs have become one of the planet’s most pressing problems. Ernesto Zedillo, introduces an eBook he edited on the issue that points very strongly in the direction of a serious reconsideration of drug policy.

2016 will be remembered as the EU’s year of shame

By Barbara Spinelli in Features, May 3, 2016

2016 will be remembered as the year in which the European Union definitively broke the civilisation pact on which it was founded after the Second World War.

Xi Jinping: servant or dictator?

By Kerry Brown in Politics,

China’s communist party awaits a steer on its next leadership transition. But might the current president have other plans? “Sometime in 2016, a number of people in provincial or ministerial leadership positions might start to get more state media coverage, with clues appearing of their being positioned for promotion.”

“Black Dragon River” Russia’s wild window into China

By Jenny Johnson in Features, April 11, 2016

Dominic Ziegler’s new book takes a journey down the Amur, one of Asia’s last free flowing rivers and the contested border lands of Russia and China where conservation has kept a fragile peace.

Overthrowing Dilma Rousseff

By Alfredo Saad-Filho in Politics, April 4, 2016

The judicial coup against President Dilma Rousseff is the culmination of the deepest political crisis in Brazil for 50 years. Despite strong media support for the impending coup, the PT, other left parties and many radical social movements remain strong.

Effect of shale oil on Arab producers

By Lutz Kilian in Economics and Finance,

Lower oil prices are putting increasing pressure on Arab oil producers, and many pundits have been quick to blame US shale oil producers for the decline in prices and in Arab oil revenues. Shale oil actually contributed little to the decline in the price of oil that took place after June 2014.

The consequences of Brexit

By Dhingra, Huang, Ottaviano, Sampson and Reenen in Economics and Finance,

The economic consequences of leaving the EU are at the heart of the Brexit debate. This article studies how changes in trade and fiscal transfers to the EU following Brexit would affect living standards in the UK.