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India: roller-coastering democracy

By L K Sharma in Politics, December 14, 2015

The nation is sharply divided between those protesting against growing intolerance and those attacking them for seeing what does not exist and asking them to migrate to Pakistan.

A Taste of Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery

By Irene Dogmatic in Travel Writing,

Californian Artist, Irene Dogmatic is blown away by her first visit to the Tretyakov Gallery in the Russian capital. Here she takes us through her personal favourites.

Cafés chantants in Belle Epoque Naples

By Francesco Barbagallo in Features, December 11, 2015

Professor Francesco Barbagallo from the University Federico II of Naples looks back at the glories of the city of Naples during the Belle Epoque.

Central Transitions

By Carlos Cuellar Brown in Environment, December 9, 2015

“There is this idea that one needs to re-locate in order to decentralize. Moving away into open land, away from urban areas, away from the civil perimeters of town and community; this can be advantageous but also be isolating and misleading.” Essay by Carlos Cuellar Brown, a New York City artist and essayist.

Finance and the Climate

By Andrea Baranes in Environment, December 8, 2015

Finance should be a tool at the service of the economy. It should be the ‘money market’ where supply and demand for money meet. A significant portion of the financial system however has transformed from being a tool, to being an end in itself: to make money from money in the shortest possible time, losing sight of its social purpose.

No Climate Deal Is Better Than a Bad One

By Walden Bello in Environment,

Without concrete, enforceable emissions targets and transition financing, the Paris climate talks will only deepen our climate crisis.

Tribalisation or the end of globalisation

By Koert Debeuf in Features,

For two decades, the world seemed to be convinced that all indicators pointed in the same direction: more democracy, more economic openness, more human rights, more international cooperation. Not anymore.

The Prague Café

By Jan Hornát in Politics, November 11, 2015

What is the ‘Prague Café’, and why has it become the Czech President’s insult of choice for his opponents? President Zeman first used the term publicly last year as a reaction to demonstrations that took place in the center of Prague on the day of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution calling the demonstrators the “raging Prague lumpencafé”.

Immigration Detention in Europe

By Mary Bosworth in Features, November 10, 2015

Mary Bosworth, Professor of Criminology at the University of Oxford and Director of Border Criminologies looks at the history and the current state of border detention in Europe.

A vote against religious hate

By L K Sharma in Politics, November 9, 2015

No agency records the levels of mental pollution and no scientific instrument records the intolerance levels in a society, but even a casual visitor to India would notice the rise in the levels of intolerance and the rampaging bands of provocateurs inciting religious passions and violence.