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Publisher of the European Renaissance

By Mario Infelise in Features, July 19, 2015

Aldus Manutius is the man who transformed the printed book into the most effective tool for the accumulation and dissemination of human knowledge of the last five centuries.

North African diversities

By Francis Ghilès in Features,

A fascinating personal account by Francis Ghilès, senior research fellow at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs. He recounts the many strands of his singular and very Mediterranean life – Berber and Algerian, Jewish and Islamic, French and English, Arab and European.

Germany’s demographic challenge

By Fernando Betancor in Economics and Finance,

Germany is not an unstoppable juggernaut. Germany faces both a short-term and long-term demographic challenge: a need for skilled workers and an ageing and declining population.

Seven trends dominating Egyptian media

By Ahmed Magdy Youssef in Features,

Egypt’s media outlets are trapped in a web of biases. Seven trends have dominated the country’s media landscape over the past two years.

The new E.U.

By Charles Wyplosz in Politics, July 14, 2015

The new bailout deal for Greece was not easy. Professor Wyplosz argues that it was also a failure. It will not be enough to recapitalise banks, it asks for structural reform that exceeds Greek capacities, and it raises the Greek debt-to-GDP ratio to unsustainable levels. In a few months or quarters, the programme will fail and the Grexit question will flare up again.

Spain’s Democratic Spring

By Oscar Reyes in Politics, July 8, 2015

Parties linked to Spain’s “Occupy” movement now lead governments in the country’s three largest cities — and they’re already ruffling feathers. Imagine that the Occupy Movement stood for election in New York and won. That’s what just happened in Spain

In Bad Faith

By Ashoka Mody in Economics and Finance,

Visiting Professor in International Economic Policy at Princeton University explains that the IMF’s report is important because it reveals that the creditors negotiated with Greece in bad faith. The timing of the report’s release—on the eve of a historic Greek referendum, well after the technical negotiations have broken down—suggests that there was no intention to allow a sober analysis of the Greek debt burden.

China and EU sign landmark climate deal

By Antony Froggatt - Shane Tomlinson in Environment, July 7, 2015

By working together towards a strong regime to control climate change, the EU and China bring renewed focus and hope to securing an effective agreement in Paris in December.

TTIP: a week of victories

By John Hilary in Politics, June 30, 2015

The Executive Director of War on Want explains how pressure from those concerned that the EU-US trade deal would hand over too much power to foreign corporations has been working on both sides of the Atlantic.

Saudi Arabia’s game of thrones

By Carool Kersten in Politics, June 29, 2015

In the round of ‘royal musical chairs’ that played out two months ago, the Sudairi branch of the royal family consolidated its grip on power at the expense of those loyal to the late King Abdullah. A view from the Senior Lecturer in the study of Islam and the Muslim world at King’s College London.