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Left-wing Europe: take on the challenge

By José "Pepe" Mujica in Features, June 29, 2015

The former President of Uruguay talking politics in the prologue of the book José “Pepe” Mujica. “La felicità al potere”, by Cristina Guarnieri and Massimo Sgroi.

The idea of Europe in its coffee houses

By George Steiner in Arts and Culture, June 2, 2015

Those wishing to meet Freud or Musil, knew precisely in which café to look… When the lights go out in Europe, in August 1914, Jaurès is assassinated in a café. An extract from “The idea of Europe” by George Steiner, the world renowned essayist, writer, critic and cultural philosopher.

The future of human rights in the UK

By Meghan Campbell in Features,

A British Bill of Rights will allow the Conservative government to deport an individual to a country where they face a real risk of torture, harm or humiliation.

A Simple Idea: Free Education For All

By Josh Hoxie in Politics, June 1, 2015

Senator Sanders is proposing to tax Wall Street speculators to guarantee all Americans a good shot at a college degree. “It is a national disgrace that hundreds of thousands of young Americans today do not go to college, not because they are unqualified, but because they cannot afford it,”

Britain’s European Future?

By Robert Tombs in Politics,

In a wholly rational world, the recent decisive election victory for David Cameron’s Conservative Party – and the implosion of the main opposition parties – would have created a favourable opportunity to resolve Britain’s long and difficult relationship with the European Union.

Nanjing Disappearing

By Anthony Head in Features, May 26, 2015

Japan is still performing its historical conjuring tricks, attempting to influence popular perceptions of history – particularly relating to Japanese wartime atrocities – through educational policy and fllms showing Japan as the victim.

Yemen at war

By Aaron Edwards in Politics, May 20, 2015

“In the short term, Saudi Arabia is unlikely to back off until the threat posed by the Houthis to Yemen’s stability—to say nothing of Iranian meddling—is rebutted.” An update from Aaron Edwards, senior lecturer in defence and international affairs at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the author of “Mad Mitch’s Tribal Law: Aden and the End of Empire”.

Nicaragua Canal: the environmental costs are huge

By Chris Kraul in Environment,

A Chinese-funded US$50 billion inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua is an environmental disaster in the making, conservationists warn.

The Divestment Dividend

By Emily Schwartz Greco in Environment, May 4, 2015

Given the financial rewards investors can reap for getting out of fossil fuels, the real question isn’t whether divestment is risky. It’s why anyone would willingly pollute their portfolio regardless of where they stand on climate change.

An assessment of the state of the world economy

By Olivier Blanchard in Economics and Finance, May 2, 2015

The IMF’s Chief Economist describes the complex forces that are shaping macroeconomic evolutions around the world and provides an overview of the state of the world economy.