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What is the contribution of the financial sector?

By A Haldane - V Madouros in Economics and Finance, November 12, 2011

Andrew G Haldane and Vasileios Madouros from the Bank of England examine whether or not the financial sector genuinely offers a positive contribution to the economy.

Rattling Sabres in Turkey and Syria

By Hugh Pope in Politics, November 8, 2011

An interview with Hugh Pope, the Turkey/Cyprus Project Director for International Crisis Group to shed some light on the recent tensions between Turkey and Syria and discuss the thorny issues of the PKK, Syrian political instability and just where Turkish foreign policy is heading.

Channel Hopping the DRC Elections

By John Nelson in Politics, November 3, 2011

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa’s second largest country with its 71 million inhabitants will elect a new president on 28 November. Joseph Kabila is challenging ten other candidates for another term in office. John Nelson in Kinshasa is following the excitement on local TV.

Regime Change in Italy

By Allston Mitchell in Economics and Finance, November 1, 2011

Bond markets look set to oust the Italian PM, a feat that has defied a paralysed political process in Italy. Berlusconi is now a danger not only to Italy but to the Eurozone and the global economy. He has no intention of going quietly but bond yields may have the final say.

China: Money to Burn on Europe?

By Tom Spence in Economics and Finance, October 29, 2011

The Europeans are hoping to capitalise on their success after reaching a deal to save Greece and are looking to China to help shore up the European economy. The Chinese are wary, they have money to spend but not to burn.

France Gears Up: Sarkozy v Hollande

By Alessandra Quattrocchi in Politics, October 27, 2011

With François Hollande beating Martine Aubry in the primaries, the battle for the Elysée Palace is now between a very unpopular Nicolas Sarkozy and a somewhat uninspiring François Hollande. The polls suggest an easy victory for the Socialists, but could they throw it all away, again?

Irish Voters Spoilt for Choice

By Feidhlim de Frein in Politics, October 9, 2011

Irish presidential elections will be held on 27 October with an unusually varied range of candidates: a Eurovision Song Contest winner, a poet, a TV personality, a former coach-builder, a Special Olympics organiser, a gay Joycean scholar, and the ex-Chief of Staff of the IRA.

An Open Letter to Wall Street

By William Rivers Pitt in Politics, October 6, 2011

An OpEd by Truthout editor and columnist William Rivers Pitt. “Before anything else, I would like to apologize for the mess outside your office. It’s been three weeks since all those hippies and punk-rockers and students and union members and working mothers and single fathers……..”

Stromboli: Under the Volcano

By Alessandra Quattrocchi in Travel Writing, October 5, 2011

Despite being an active volcano, Stromboli, one of the Aeolian islands just north of Sicily, is a popular summer destination. “Iddu”, as the locals call the smouldering volcano, is indeed the main attraction. Alessandra Quattrocchi attempts the night-time climb up to the top of the crater.

Afghanistan Journal

By Allston Mitchell in Politics, October 4, 2011

Joshua Foust’s new book is a collection of blog posts from written during his time working as an advisor to the US Army. It takes an analytical and sometimes passionate look at the policy and strategy failures of the military and identifies why NATO is not winning this war.