Adil E. Shamoo


Starvation and Cholera in Yemen


Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. The war is taking Yemen back to the dark ages. It is an immoral war, and it is a humanitarian disaster. The United States cannot and should not participate in such a slaughter.

The U.S. Is Betraying the Kurds — Again


Turkey is offering Washington a fig leaf of cooperation against the Islamic State, but it’s turning all its firepower against the most effective anti-ISIS fighters in the region – the Kurds.

Bleeding Syria


Syrian rebels have been fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces for nearly a year and a half in a conflict that has caused 20,000 deaths. As the world watches in horror, much confusion remains about the nature of the rebel troops, the identity of the regime’s supporters, and what actions — if any — should be taken by the rest of the world.