Adrien Mory


Behind the Scenes with Kubrick

Arts and Culture

La Cinémathèque française in Paris is hosting a complete retrospective of the work of Stanley Kubrick. The exhibition is a great opportunity to re-discover the world of this unique and mysterious film maker who made such a mark on the 20th century.

Cycling in Paris


In the 90’s, when the first bicycle lanes were set up, riding in the streets of Paris was considered particularly risky. Since then, things have changed. The French capital is making a major effort to promote cycling in a city where motorists’ driving habits are seen as dangerous, aggressive and far from civilized.

Brittany – Along the North Coast

Travel Writing

Travel west along the coast road from Mont St Michel, via Saint Malo and Dinard to the wonders of the Ile de Bréhat archipelago where the ban on cars only adds to the charm of the place. Ignore the jokes about the wet weather – according to the statistics it rains just as often in Paris.

In Praise of Jirō Taniguchi


The work of award-winning Japanese cartoonist Taniguchi has been translated into several European languages. A far cry from the violent storylines often associated with teenage mangas, his “graphic novels” offer a subtle analysis of Japanese culture and society.

Stacey Kent in Paris

Arts and Culture

Stacey Kent recently played the Grand Rex in Paris to promote her new CD – “Raconte moi”. The US-born jazz singer is no stranger to France. She was awarded the “Chevalier des Arts et Lettres” (2009) in recognition of her contribution to the arts. She mixes timeless French classics like “Le Mal de Vivre” with new songs written by young songwriters.