Carlos Cuellar Brown


Natural Rights in the Age of Domination


How was it that we came to view planetary resources as ours to conquer and mine? Who gave us the right to exploit and consume everything that has been put before us?

Central Transitions


“There is this idea that one needs to re-locate in order to decentralize. Moving away into open land, away from urban areas, away from the civil perimeters of town and community; this can be advantageous but also be isolating and misleading.” Essay by Carlos Cuellar Brown, a New York City artist and essayist.

Blueprint for Change


Everything in the universe is changing and social systems are no exception to this constant flux. But change is not an easy thing to accept, especially when it threatens the status quo and the world’s perception of normalcy.

Energy descent


We have the opportunity to change this oil dependence and avoid peak food and peak population. Some nations have begun to do it, in the realm of regional needs, with the aid of the information age with new technologies and energy alternatives. 

The adolescent mass culture mentality of the twentieth and twenty-first century with its “only me counts generations” will have to evolve and be replaced by an empathic social model.