Conn Hallinan


Is Turkey Holding Up a Resolution in Syria?


The pieces for a political deal to end the Syrian civil war are coming together — if Ankara will let them.

The Big Chill: Tensions in the Arctic


As the climate warms and the ice melts, the Arctic could become the next great theater of global cooperation—or a battlefield that holds 13% of the world’s oil reserves and 30% of its natural gas.

Pandora and the Drones


The drones that roam at will in the skies over Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia are going global, and the terror and death they sow in those three countries now threatens to replicate itself in western China, Eastern Turkey and northern Iraq, highland Peru, South Asia, and the Amazon basin.

Is Egypt Being Primed for a Coup?


When an important leader of the political opposition hints that a military coup might be preferable to the current chaos, and when a major financial organization proposes an economic program certain to spark a social explosion, something is afoot.

Asia’s Mad Arms Race


Asia is currently in the middle of an unprecedented arms race that is not only sharpening tensions in the region but also competing with efforts by Asian countries to address poverty and growing economic disparity.