François Godement


What Europe needs is an EIIB, not an AIIB

Economics and Finance

The director of the ECFR’s Asia and China programme sees inconsistencies in the EU’s decision to participate in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank sponsored by China.

Hong Kong Central vs. China’s Centre


As debate in China’s centre is stifled, Hongkongers fear for their future – with good cause. Is there a connection between the uneasy quiet at the centre and the trouble at the periphery? Most likely, there is.

How Abe makes Washington listen


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gives Washington a wakeup call about potential conflict in East Asia, now that immobility is no longer a viable option for dealing with China. Sooner or later, settlements must be found, or territorial disputes will turn into open conflict.

China’s Third Plenum: great expectations


While there is still hope for change, there is overabundant evidence that Mr. Xi’s dream for China does not include the major reform that many hope for.

The NSA and Snowden: the boomerang flies on


Edward Snowden may become the most famous civil rights case this century, and throw up issues of data protection, intelligence and the relationship of allies that concern citizens of all free states.

Europe flunks the solar panel test


François Godement, Professor of political science at Sciences Po in Paris and Senior policy fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations asks whether the fact that Chinese solar panels are benefitting from unfair subsidies is damaging to the EU and its negotiating position.