John Nelson


Channel Hopping the DRC Elections


The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa’s second largest country with its 71 million inhabitants will elect a new president on 28 November. Joseph Kabila is challenging ten other candidates for another term in office. John Nelson in Kinshasa is following the excitement on local TV.

Chasing Gorillas is Better than Lions

Travel Writing

From Somerset to the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve in Southwest Central Africa Republic. A trip to meet up with the Bayaka hunter-gatherer Pygmies, visit the big elephant clearing known as Dzanga Bai and follow the lowland gorillas.

A Tale from Cameroon


Industrial logging operations, safari parks, carbon offset credits and climate change are all threatening the Baka people’s age-old way of life – as well as their rainforest’s precious biodiversity. The Sapelli and Moabi trees are in danger from the global demand for timber.

It’s OK to go to Congo (and New York)


When I say I am going to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), eyebrows generally raise, and “Is that a good idea?” is murmured under furrowed brow.